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Virtual Interactive Auditorium

The Edumed Institute has made available for this event two webvideoconferencing platforms:
Please click or touch on one of the images below to enter them.

Auditorium A
Capacity: 100
Adobe Connect Live

Auditorium B
Capacity: 200
UStream Live

Adobe Connect
No program in English

Enter as Invited ("Convidado").
There is no need for a login and a password, enter your full name and city, instead.

In case you have beed directed to attend at the Auditorium A and the system denies entrance to you because it is
full, please try Auditorium B, a parallel transmission may be underway.

Please note: The technological platform Auditorium A (Adobe Connect) requires that your browser is enabled to view Adobe Flash Video 11 or higher. Since August 2015, Chrome, Firefox and Safari no longer support this format natively. For mobile devices with operating systems iOS or Android, you must download, install and use the Adobe Connect app, in its AppStore. The address to enter in this app is: (Auditorium A)